About me. ♥

  • What is my name? - Giovanna and my last name is Takagi. 
  • Where am I come from? - I am from Japan, that's why my name is Yukie and the last is Takagi. 
  • How old am I? - I am 14 years old.
  • When is my birthday? - December 9th. 
  • Where would I love to travel? - USA, Canada and Australia. 
  • If I have the chance to learn another language, what language would be? - It would be French. 
  • Where am I living now? - Japan, Shizuoka-ken, Kakegawa-shi. 
  • What is my favorite TV series? - The Vampire Diaries.
  • What is my hobby? - I take pictures, paint my nails, and make up.

  • What is my favorite color? - Blue. The color of the sky. The color of the eyes that I would love to have. 

  • If I have the chance to change anything in the world, what would I do? - I would delete all the fake people.
  • Do I like to sing? - Yes, I like it. But I don't sing well. 
  • Who is my favorite singer? - I don't have a favorite one. 
  • Would I like to change anything in me? - No, I don't have to be perfect.
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